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You like jewelry from the stars

by:Kirin      2020-08-21

'you from the stars' is sweeping the country, now face a lot of people, quan zhixian of episodes actress m ode, jewelry collocation style variety, big item has appeared, many people exclaimed, it is a runway piece! But good things always bring beautiful mood, in addition to dress up, thousands of praise, in the entire series jewelry jewelry has become a fashion. Streamline long earrings, 925 silver earrings, delicate 925 tremella screw, bowknot elements S925 silver sautoir and suit the stars in the title element earrings and ring popular his fingers, some are the thousands of Iraq's great love, living in the spirit of her body, they are like inadvertently starlight, foil characters moving temperament you from the stars set 1: DIDIER DUBOT streamline long 925 sterling silver earrings earrings

the second set: 'are you from the stars' DIDIER DUBOT pearl rose gold 925 sterling silver gold-plated earrings jewelry

'you from the stars' episode 3: DIDIER DUBOT bowknot element 925 sterling silver jewelry pendant pendant necklace set

from 'you' from the stars will tell the whole play to many international giant brands started chasing tide of dress, quan zhixian scene of 925 silver jewelry 925 silver or gold plated with white stone is given priority to, though not price not diamond or gold door leaf, but are designed by the famous masterpiece 925 silver jewelry, can make a lot of people like!

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