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Women's jewelry wholesale grade?

by:Kirin      2020-09-05

for jewelry wholesale a lot of people want to choose a grade, then the jewelry where to buy? How can the jewelry that can buy this grade? We don't have to worry only need to search in baidu. Then you will find women jewelry wholesale the best place. Choose a good jewelry wholesale not only need to choose a good jewelry provider, also need from different angles to understand some details of jewelry wholesale, only in this way can better understand what kind of jewelry is better, what kind of jewelry is worth to buy. In this case why jewelry is a certain grade? Look at the following advantage you: first, according to authoritative expert for the world jewelry market survey, the per capita share of 1 Chinese jewelry market. 8%, annual growth rate reached more than 15% of domestic jewelry consumption. Experts estimate that by 2015 China's jewelry, accessories sales will exceed one hundred million yuan, China will become the world's most competitive jewelry center, processing and consumption will also become the world's largest jewelry trade center. Second: more than jewelry, clothing profits 200% higher investment characteristics of fast consumption with silver, garment industry 200% higher on profits, silver, season no inventory backlog, no strict size requirements, suitable for different consumers to buy. Gold, diamond, multi-million dollar risk than silver. Third: export to Europe, southeast Asia, Japan, America and other regions, welcome by many consumers, top design team, first-class Italian equipment and process for the product provides the guarantee of the brand. Therefore jewelry wholesale need starting from several points above, we can only be found from these aspects the best jewelry, also can let oneself better clear the importance of jewelry batch to us.

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