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Why there are so many kinds of silver ornament?

by:Kirin      2020-08-20

wholesale network said: the silver for silver ornaments many don't know how to understand some of the problems, the silver so how do you know some questions about the silver? How do you know the type of silver? For the situation we need from the following questions to understand: the first: silver color: silver itself without any processing, and manually by half or whole manual craft, make the silver has simple natural style. The second: Thai silver, silver is acted the role of style restoring ancient ways, through artificial sulfide, make do old silver oxidation, such silver style more personality, highlight the silver style, with yellow and gold jewelry obvious distinguish, diverse styles, both elegant type, also have the leisure personality type, by many of fashionable personage love. Because of southeast Asian nations such technology mature, so commonly known as silver. Third: bright silver: through in rhodium plating on the surface of the silver plating or other materials, and make the platinum silver luster, and make the silver from the air, as long as they don't destroy the coating, can make the silver longer oxidation, is now the mainstream technology of silver. | so, understand the silver from silver wholesale network needed here to understand, here are the latest information allows you to fully understand some details of silver, allows you to fully understand the silver.

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