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Why do children wear silver before?

by:Kirin      2020-09-02

silver wholesale manufacturers, according to many children will wear silver before, is this why? The silver can bring what benefit children? How to fully understand the silver what benefits it can bring us the body? Silver wholesale manufacturers give us reasons why this a few silver: silver has a strong function of sterilization, water used silver bowl, can ensure that the water is not bad, China's Inner Mongolia steppe nomads have long noticed that horse milk with silver bowl, after a few days also won't go sour. More than half of the airlines international has used silver water filter. Many countries also use silver to purification of the water in the swimming pool, after the purification of water don't like to use chemicals, it will not stimulate the swimmer's skin and eyes. Are very important to choose the silver is: see inscription: in general from the old regular store silver hit a jewelry shop size, but not all; The other has a number of individual artists, they pick the tools ZouCunChuanHu, made for the masses of all nationalities processing all kinds of silver ornaments, the silver ornaments no inscriptions, process or is quite good, even some of the silver more delicate than regular store. Silver wholesale manufacturers said: this baby for mothers to choose silver ornaments need special attention, only these can better understand the silver for your baby a better body. If physique weaker body toxins more, silver could soon be dark, so often wear sterling silver jewelry, can help to toxins in the body. Insufficient in assaying the fineness of the plating silver or silver surface is not have this function, it will because of plating chemistry or excessive impurities caused by allergies.

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