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Where the silver wholesale?

by:Kirin      2020-09-15

for silver wholesale search online there are quite a number of silver wholesale companies are doing, so what a good silver wholesale? How to fully understand the silver wholesale and some problems need to be aware of? Here also have a lot of people ask, silver in the later how to maintain it, so he silver city give us about 12 o 'clock, let us look at the silver comprehensive maintenance problems in our life: first, the available ammonia water, soda water soaking or use toothpaste is wiped, reoccupy clean water, wipe dry can restore luster. The second: if there is a hollow out of carve patterns or designs on woodwork is soft necklace or jewelry, had better use silver cleaning fluid immersion. Third: when in the bath, laundry, should remove the silver, in case accessories meet alkali products. Sports, do manual work, should avoid to wear jewelry, otherwise easy to cause accessories lost collision deformation or fracture. 4: if you want to make new buy back the silver is more light and avoid the color change, but in its surface coated with a thin layer of transparent nail polish, after every ten days to paint again. Fifth: should avoid many ornaments together, because of its hardness is different, after use should be divided to deposit, in order to prevent affecting friction scratches texture. Sixth: if oxidation is not serious, you can also make the toothpaste the rubbing surface of jewelry. Seven: silver hair gel, perfume, skin care products and to avoid together on, because that would lead to gloss. Eighth: if you want to remove nail polish, available banana water immersion, after water wash. 9: prevent and sulfur and its compounds such as discoloration caused by long-term contact metamorphism. Tenth: some medicines can produce chemical reaction, to silver to act the role ofing is tasted bad, should be careful about when contact with drugs. 11: no after oxidation treatment of silver jewelry, easily oxidized hair black, lose luster. You can to the jewelry store cleaning and polishing. ( This method use less as far as possible, because have a corrosion effect on silver silver wash water itself. Although can temporarily make silver reply to shine, but the principle is like apple black pare off the outside layer of the same) 。 12: there's a rub silver cloth on the market, can easily be polished the silver, but is limited to a certain hardness and smooth silver.

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