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What types silver ornament

by:Kirin      2020-03-16
As a girl, there must be a lot of accessories usually, after all, no woman is not the love of beauty, sometimes different clothes to match different act the role ofing is tasted, but often we don't have much money to buy gold or diamonds high-end jewelry. Silver became the first choice for many young girls, so that when we buy these things should pay attention to what aspects, silver ornament what kinds can choose for you? Bright silver: through in rhodium plating on the surface of the silver plating or other materials, and make the platinum silver luster, and make the silver from the air, as long as they don't destroy the coating, can make the silver longer oxidation, is now the mainstream technology of silver. Primary silver: silver itself without any processing, and through the half manual or full handmade craft, make the silver has simple natural style. Thai silver, silver is acted the role of style restoring ancient ways, through artificial sulfide, make do old silver oxidation, such silver style more personality, highlight the silver style, with yellow and gold jewelry obvious distinguish, diverse styles, both elegant type, also have leisure personality type, and is loved by many of fashionable personage pursuit. Because of southeast Asian nations such technology mature, so commonly known as silver.
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