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What time about some small jewelry maintenance and code

by:Kirin      2020-03-24
For some small jewelry maintenance and wear the first code: comparative collocation: the modelling of different style silver collocation are together, it needs to have certain aesthetic vision, like the dress with the red and green collocation are together some people can take out the result that expect is less than. The second: conservative collocation: choose the same series is relatively safe, such as: heart-shaped necklace with heart ear butyl or eardrop, if not can choose a texture color the same. Tell you about some time silver small adorn article how to maintain it, let us a comprehensive understanding of some of its maintenance trend, also can better know where its problem points out: the first: directly with rub silver cloth to wipe the oxidation part. The second: if you want to at the same time with other metal jewelry, avoid collision deformation or abrasion, keep zero contact state in other hard objects. Every time after wearing, gently with cotton or tissue to wipe away the surface of the silver, clear water and dirt, and then placed in flannelette dustproof bag, avoid contact with air. Third: put the color silver ornament to special silver wash water for 5 seconds, and then rinse off with clear water, Try not to contact with skin wash silver water) And dry the surface with soft paper. Fourth: when hook it to the hair or clothing and other items, don't pull hard, because sterling silver jewelry silver content is higher, so is relatively soft, too hard, easy to cause deformation. Fifth: silver scrub clean with toothpaste and toothbrush, and then rinse with water, then dry the surface with soft paper. Sixth: try to put or don't wear ornaments placed in sealed plastic bags.
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