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What small jewelry wholesale price decision?

by:Kirin      2020-09-07

small jewelry wholesale is decided by what? How can the comprehensive understanding of some factors on the price of silver? For shigeru situation we need to run the silver city from the several aspects to us detail: according to the content of precious metals is the price of silver ornament, structure design and craftsmen skills to determine, so choose the silver standard is to see whether you like the most important. First of all, the amount of silver: silver ornaments of silver content must be accurate indicate, when consumer is bought if there S925 fulfilled the jewelry. S is silver the first letter of the English word, 925 is a sign of sterling silver. As long as there is S925 can ensure purchased by the real sterling silver jewelry. 990 fine silver, is the content of 99% pure silver and 1% alloy, because of its hardness is not enough, easy to deformation after made into jewelry, jewelry, and so there are very few manufacturers use it to do the 990 silver used more extensively in the industry. 800 silver is a content of 80% pure silver added 20% of the alloy, because of the lower the purity of silver the easier it is to oxidation, so rarely use it to do jewelry manufacturers. Buy first whiff: pay special attention to it when buying fasteners can fasten and secure. When buying a silver chain will it flat, see if link knot or bending. Second: there is online shopping experience of silver ornament of friends have such experience, good style of silver ornaments there must be a certain size and weight, also absolutely can't be less than few yuan price, unless it is not made of pure silver. Consumers have to be awake, must not be certain sites gorgeous photos and prices fooled, believe their eyes is the most true. Third: a high-grade silver ornaments first is quite good, it's done can be comparable to the gold to work. Accord with a standard seiko production of silver ornaments work fee is higher than the ordinary process of silver ornament takes more than 70%.

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