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What is the difference between pendant and necklace

by:Kirin      2020-03-24
What is the difference between pendant and necklace? Pendant and necklace are two different concepts, but they are closely linked. And pendant necklace matchs together, form unique jewelry pendant necklace. The collocation of platinum diamond necklace with pendant, for example, is the most perfect, the combination of fashion and popular. Pendant is worn around the neck of a prominent main body shape. Common pendants are tourmaline pendant, diamond pendants, pearl pendant and crystal pendant and amber pendant. Pendant usually do not exist alone, generally with the rope or metal chain wear around his neck. Platinum and gold is the most popular and popular metal material. Necklace is made of gold and silver jewelry and so on to hang in the neck chain in the shape of jewelry. Common necklace with gold necklace, pearl necklace, a platinum necklace and so on. Necklace is different from the pendant, necklace can wear on the neck, directly is independent of a jewelry. The pendant must match with the rope or metal chain. Between pendant and necklace perfect collocation, can become a woman ever victorious fashion sheet is tasted. If you don't want to simple, to give yourself looking for a delicate necklace pendant. If you want to learn more & other; The difference between the pendant and necklace & throughout; The relevant information, welcome to view or direct consultation jewelry jewelry website customer service!
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