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What is 925 silver?

by:Kirin      2020-08-16
What is 925 silver? General hanliu ornaments are on the market has sold 925 & other; Sterling silver & throughout; And is not & other; Throughout 999 fine silver &; 。 925 silver is 92. 5% of the silver and 7. 5% of the other metal processing and become, known as the 925 sterling silver. This silver forged act the role ofing is tasted strong is not easy to wear and deformation, the real 999 sterling silver is very soft, easy deformation and discoloration, 999 silver is forging process of low melting point and other metal only add a certain percentage of the silver to act the role ofing is tasted both durable, and can completely keep the jewelry itself, silver should have the feature at the same time can also create more beautiful act the role ofing is tasted. 925 silver is international silver standard, and only a perfect 92. 5 percentage of silver to the silver production in line with international standards ( Not less than 92. 3% or higher than 92. 8%) 。 So wear 925 sterling silver jewelry ornament is your most wise choice. With 99. 99% of the silver called fine silver, soft quality. Generally as a moulded by hand is the preferred material. 62 other so-called 625 silver, or content. 5%. And so-called silver are second-hand recycling silver content of 80%, and can't recycle for the purification of silver.
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