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What exactly is a silver plated 'platinum'?

by:Kirin      2020-09-04
Most of the silver ornament need after plating surface treatment. So the silver plating & other; Platinum & throughout; What is it? After plating of silver has two kinds, one kind is the surface plating silver, electric silver is commonly known as the instinctive quality, the production is in after the completion of the jewelry, electroplating a layer of silver in it, after processing of the surface of the silver more white, silver plated such general wearing jewelry will change along with the people's physique, such as yellow, even black, and so on. General this type of jewelry should notice to maintain, such as always wear, but avoid wearing bathing, contact cosmetics and so on chemical products. Otherwise it is easy to oxidation. Another type of electroplating silver plating for surface metal & other; Rhodium & throughout; And this is what we call & other; Platinum & throughout; 。 Simply put, rhodium is a kind of noble metal, rhodium plating is used to prevent the oxidation of the silver, at the same time increase the act the role ofing is tasted the beauty on the vision effect. Effect of rhodium plated silver after through visual observation, with 18 k platinum jewelry and white gold. To key here, 18 k platinum jewelry and white gold surface is treated with rhodium plating. Platinum metal color with silver metal color itself is relatively close, platinum jewelry only treated with rhodium plating will have shiny effect. In addition to the rhodium plating, silver surface can also be 18 k yellow gold plating, for gold. Rose gold for rose ( Industrial common term) 。 In inline, 18 k gold, rose gold plating silver, silver referred to as the separation of the two kinds of coating process is not very mature, usually 6 - Eight months after oxidation reaction will happen, so as to affect the surface of the accessories. After this process of color silver, because the cause of the process cost and price on the high side.
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