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What day are you need to start silver wholesale shop field, the conditions?

by:Kirin      2020-09-24

for silver wholesale shop needs to have field conditions, what day? How to fully understand the problem? To open a silver wholesale shop is not so easy, need to test for all aspects of the factors to better and more comprehensive understanding of the silver wholesale need to pay attention to some problems, so here to tell you a few days field, what good thing is, how to do this a few questions: first, the city of silver wholesale stores in areas to choose and buy, such as silver and impulsive consumption goods, if you can focus on peers and cluster goods related to the location or blocks, is more conducive to business. Because business stores a lot of similar products, customers can have more opportunities here comparison and choice. Second: silver wholesale shop downtown this area is the commercial center, downtown, general business activity is frequent, business atmosphere is better. This store address is what is called a treasure land. Third: silver wholesale shop convenient traffic area with convenient transportation is the first condition of consumer shopping. Generally said if the store near the bus station, or the customer walk time after 15 minutes of pavement is worth considering. Fourth: silver wholesale shop in the high density residential residential population is concentrated, high population density. In these areas of consumer level of confusion, all ages and social classes. No matter which style to sell or type of silver, there will be a certain customer base, but the disadvantage is that the floating population is too little, market space is small, if it is a high-end positioning of the shop is not appropriate.

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