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What are the benefits of wearing a silver bracelet

by:Kirin      2020-03-25
Wearing a silver bracelet is not only for beautiful points, but also is beneficial to the body. So, do you know what are the benefits of wearing a silver bracelet, this is not really friends, follow jewelry below small make up to learn together. 1, long ago, people already know the silver can make wounds heal quickly, to prevent wound infection, it can prevent the growth of bacteria, Ann five zang-organs, calm mind, check fright, in addition to pathogens. 2, silver can produce a magnetic field, can release a lot of anion, excitation energy, good for human health. 3, wearing silver also have the effect to a certain extent, so historically, have let children wear silver tradition, it is not only beneficial to expel & other; Congenital disease & throughout; And it also can ward off evil spirits. 4, silver also has very good bactericidal function to purify the water quality and the effect of antisepsis, used silver bowl of water, can guarantee the water don't spoil, besmear of silver ions in the solution can be used such as skin ulcers and ulcer, can make the most of the bacteria died. 5. Silver can detect things inside is poison, that is largely because, silver and many toxins can produce certain chemical reactions, let silver black, with the naked eye can be easy to identify. 6, silver has good sterilization effect, also have a lot of benefits to human body, silver not only has good economic value, at the same time he also can poison as inspection tools, in ancient times there & other; Body with silver health wealth will accompany & throughout; , it is mainly because, silver can absorb the body discharge toxins, also this is why some people wear silver black. 7, silver also has good antibiotic and sterilization function, general antibiotics can only play a role to 6 kinds of fungus, but silver can eliminate 650 kinds of bacteria.
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