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What are the benefits and functions of wear sterling silver jewelry?

by:Kirin      2020-03-26
What are the benefits and functions of wear sterling silver jewelry? Silver ions have strong sterilization effect, good for the body. It not only has economic value, beautiful and easy, but also as poison inspection tools, the ancients said, with the silver health prosperous forever will accompany, it is not just that silver precious metal, medically speaking, silver on human health efficiency higher than gold. Silver can detect whether food containing toxic, because silver react with many toxins can make silver black, easy to identify to the naked eye. BC, wast, people will know that money can accelerate wound healing, purify water quality, prevention and treatment of infection and the effect of antisepsis. It can prevent the growth of bacteria, five zang-organs, calm mind, check fright, in addition to pathogens. Silver has outstanding antibiotics and sterilization effect, average can only play a role to 6 kinds of fungus, but silver can remove 650 kinds of bacteria. Thermal conductivity of silver among all metals are the most prominent, it can quickly heat of blood vessels, if the thermal conductivity of silver is 100, gold was 53. 2, the iron is 11. 6, platinum is 8. 2, the heat conduction performance quickly reduce the quantity of heat of blood, prevent various disease has good curative effect. Silver it has absorbed toxicity function, so it will change color, so it has a strong performance of disinfection, the color is only on the surface of the reaction, can be eliminated with toothpaste or drugs. Thus, silver is cannot be ignored for the importance of health.
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