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What are the advantages of wearing silver?

by:Kirin      2020-09-26

with the silver is effective sterilization was welcomed by most people, not only because the silver is a precious metal, worn on the body appear a class identity, from a health standpoint because silver has antiseptic effect. The principle of sterilization is not silver spread to many & other; Due to the body of toxins suck & throughout; Reasons for such nonsense, antibacterial mechanism of silver catalyst role for metal ions and light. Silver chemical structure determines which has higher catalytic ability, high oxidation reduction potential of silver is extremely high, enough to make the space surrounding the atomic oxygen is produced. Atomic oxygen has strong oxidizing can sterilization, Ag + can strongly attract bacterial protease on thiol ( - SH) , together with its rapidly, make the loss of protease activity, killing bacteria. When bacteria was being murdered Ag +, Ag + free bodies by bacteria, again to contact with other colonies, repeatedly in the process, that is why silver antibacterial durability. According to scientific research, salmonella typhi, can only survive in silver 1 hour, corynebacterium diphtheriae on silver strip can only live for three hours, silver sterilization effect can be seen! So the ancients like to serve with silver, because can reveal the identity of the owner, because silver dish of food is not easy to decay, more able to keep fresh. Also as a result, some immunity is low, more tend to choose the silver may be pathogenic bacteria to kill. We often see in wuxia fiction & other Needles throughout & try poison; , it is because the silver will react with toxic substances, generation of colored oxide material, so try to use pure silver needle out of the food is poisonous; As to the human body is not good wearing silver silver there will be a different shape, this more fully illustrate people as a whole, as part of your body when problems occur, will cause the body fluids, sweat, the skin appears corresponding change, and close-fitting wear silver and material combination, in body fluids, nature also can produce chemical reactions. So, then I wanted to tell folks, from a certain perspective, silver can remind us some abnormal information of the body, but experts believe that silver is not for the treatment of human diseases, therefore, folks must not think too much silver magic.

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