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Wearing a silver need to be aware of several skills

by:Kirin      2020-08-31

small jewelry wholesale manufacturers said: wear a silver need to pay attention to what? How to better, more complete understanding of some problems about the silver wholesale? For such a situation we need to start from the following questions, we need to fully understand the silver ornament and other jewelry, some of the difference between difference, to better understand the silver wholesale and several problems need to be aware of, so here to tell you what time about wearing silver need to be aware of several techniques: first: silver ornaments should not be mixed with gold jewelry to wear, but different style silver ornament can be put together, rich texture. To attend the grand occasion or gorgeous clothing, should choose with expensive jewelry, diamond town of silver jewelry. Silver ornaments worn out after dark, doesn't need to be cleaned to continue to wear, that kind of nostalgic taste is also very good. Silver ornament is belong to fashion, to pay attention to the style of wearing often transform. Second: silver ornament wear don't wear other precious metal jewelry, at the same time in order to avoid collision deformation or abrasion. Avoid contact with water vapour and chemical products, don't wear swimming, especially to the sea. If enough time, every day after wearing it with cotton cloth to wipe clean, into the box or bag. Third: if the modelling of silver ornament itself are more intense, is recommended to take the collocation of key type, such as single pendant necklace or ring simple decoration, instead of the chamber to flowers ridge washs practice highlights the mature temperament. And silver ornaments, full of the flavor of will and fine feeling shirt or plain sweater mutual collocation, natural floating elegant charm.

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