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Wear a pair of silver ornaments of ten kinds of

by:Kirin      2020-03-25
Silver ornament is there are many people like to reasons. It is not as expensive as luxury goods, also don't like gold so costly, but there was a mysterious tension silver ornament, low-key and it contains. If want to handle it perfectly, first: to find a suitable for their own style, second, following the fashion trends. No matter how collocation, can foil a your personal style and quality is the best. Today jewelry with small make up take you to see about silver ornament gives our beautiful pleasure. 1, embedded color artificial gem ( Excluding black) Silver ornaments for young girls to wear, older women wear can have act young, while men wear too feminine. 2, silver ornaments worn out after dark, doesn't need to be cleaned to continue to wear, that kind of nostalgic taste is also very good. 3, casual wear suitable supplement modelling design is unique, and exaggerated sterling silver ring. 4, silver ornaments belongs to fashion things, pay attention to wear often transform design, don't put the popular element is too obvious silver ornament wear to an outlet. 5, characteristics of Tibetan silver color is more intense, unfavorable collocation business attire, in order to avoid the sense that gives a person is not capable. Type 6, lovely dress up wearing a small silver bracelet fitting bells. 7, silver ornaments should not be mixed with gold jewelry to wear, because of its temperament is not the same, but different style silver ornament can be put together, rich texture. 8, professional attire for supplement modelling delicate, elegant sterling silver necklace. 9, the special luxury occasions or special gorgeous clothing, should not be wearing silver ornaments, and should choose expensive jewelry, diamond. 10 this year, showing a popular collocation method, is to two or more of the silver ornaments do match each other, which is in the same necklace hung two different styles of pendant, create a different feeling. If the modelling of silver ornament itself are more intense, is recommended to take the collocation of key type, such as single pendant necklace or ring simple decoration, instead of the chamber to flowers ridge washs practice highlights the mature temperament. And silver ornaments, full of the flavor of will and fine feeling shirt or plain sweater mutual collocation, natural floating elegant breath.
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