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Understanding of several silver is really appraisal law

by:Kirin      2020-08-20

for silver is really a lot of people are very upset, to the question how to better understand the silver is really appraisal law? Remember some time ago we have been talking about this problem, many people still don't know how to solve the problem of good sterling silver jewelry appraisal, this requires us to reflect on, so the sterling silver jewelry net here told us a few a few points about silver identification, let us look at the silver, and a comprehensive understanding of sterling silver jewelry: first: bending method: with handle gently fold the silver jewelry, nice colour easy bending is not easy to break; Stiff, barely moving looks very low; By bending or with a hammer to knock a few times will be split to wrap large jewelry; Can't afford to light, and easy break to fake. Second: nitrate identification method: will drop in nitrate silver jewelry with a glass rod file mouth, brown colour, high micro green colour; Dark green, black colour is low. Third: color differentiation method: observe with the eye, looks white, luster, fine craftsmanship, and on the jewelry, with 925/990 for assaying the high silver jewelry; Colour and lustre is poor, matte silver jewelry is false. Fourth: casting method: throw silver jewelry from the top down on the counter, bounce is not high, smooth voice for assaying the high silver jewelry; Behind the counter jump higher, voice sharp bright, false or colour low silver jewellery.

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