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Turquoise and maintenance method

by:Kirin      2020-03-19
Turquoise to dish, through long-term sat on the man's wrist, neck to increase the brightness, at the same time, the oil and temperature of the body can make turquoise texture more exquisite and channeling, color more stable moist, transition to a more natural stone and iron wire. Maintenance of the process of turquoise, there are a few may not touch the taboo, thorough knowledge to make lasting blooming beautiful turquoise luster. Avoid heat turquoise when heated fade easily, so you can't fire directly, lest fade, crack, dry. Avoid collision turquoise small hardness, brittle, avoid violent knock against and other hard objects, should also pay attention to when worn. Avoid dirt the lower hardness of turquoise porosity is larger, greasy dirt, perspiration, tea, etc all can enter, transfigure colour stains. Turquoise, therefore, should avoid water and oil, tea, soap, rust and alcohol, such as contact, in case its arrange pores in the ruby color. Avoid chemicals with turquoise jewelry, had better keep distance with cosmetics, perfume, etc, also want to stay away from strong acid, alkali, so as not to affect the turquoise color.
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