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True and false silver or needs from the several aspects

by:Kirin      2020-09-19

sterling silver jewelry network said: silver ornaments? How to understand it to be tested for truth or falsehood For true and false silver beginning from a lot of people don't know which legal, also don't know what kind of silver is sterling silver jewelry, for sterling silver jewelry each have each, but you have a standard anyway silver ornament, as to what kind of standard we need to know from several aspects, also need from several aspects, so here to give you details about some of the silver ornament distinguish true and false of start method: first: check hardness, hardness is lower than copper, silver, lead and tin, so a bit with a pin to stretch out the surface of the physical test, such as needle sliding, surface hard to leave a mark, can be judged to be copper decorations; Such as pewter texture, mark is very obvious, outstanding; Such as physical volcanism and less obvious, can be initially determined for silver jewelry. Pure silver ornaments with hand, fold can make it out of shape. The second: look at the color test: the higher the purity, silvery white, noodle shop fine uniform hair bright, polishing. If lead quality, noodle shop a wave flower with green gray; Such as containing copper, noodle shop in the rough and bad heart, have a dry sense. Is oxidized silver despite black surface rust, but its black and a light color of lead, tin, copper, without burnish, the sunset color hair. Third: see stubbles colour: silver ornaments cut open, see stubbles color, if stubbles white silk and cotton, jewelry surface smooth, delicate, oxidized surface light, colour and lustre of hair black can be concluded that its colour is around 98%; If a crop of mouth thick and soft, slightly red, looks at about 95%; Stubbles white and gray, slightly reddish colour in 90% left right; Bend with the hand is hard, crop pink or gray, its colour is around 80%; Looks at about 70% of silver, white yellow and dry the surface, micro red, yellow and stubbles, bending is hard; If the stubbles red with black, yellow with black, the colour has been below 60%. Fourth: phonology: listen to the accessories such as high quality silver slurry, is to say blank, no stretch, sound as lindsey dalai lindsey dalai. Colour is lower, the lower the sound, sound the tip of the high and with rhyme; If the copper, the higher the tip, shortness of rhymes and short; For lead, tin, texture, toss a deep voice, short, and no elasticity. Fifth: ok weight: silver density is generally common metal slightly larger, generally speaking, both light and heavy bronze not silver light and not heavy. Thus DianDian weight make preliminary judgment on whether it is silver. If accessories form-factor larger, lighter weight, can be a preliminary judgment the other metal accessories department.

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