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Traditional silver production process

by:Kirin      2020-09-27

a, melt silver water: put the silver piece, ground silver crucible, use charcoal to burn to a certain temperature, silver water into silver. Second, the casting blank: pour into a cast iron with a silver water tank ( The mould) Blank, made of silver. Article three, leaf type wire drawing: according to the need to put the silver blank heating the hammer on the anvil into chip called & other; The leaf & throughout; , called silver blank rub into cylindrical & other; Throughout the article &; 。 Called the silver bar draw wire, with specialized tools & other; Drawing & throughout; 。 This process is mainly to master good temperature is easy to shape. Overheating, easy to melt silver, too cold, making difficult. To make silver silver, silver bells, and so on. Silver for silver necklace, silver bracelets, silver bracelet, etc. Silver filaments to do silver necklace, silver ornamental design, etc. Four, stamping out form: put the silver strip made of tin mold, with a hammer, stamping out the silver basic outline, this process is also called & other; Enclosed form & throughout; 。 Five, the glue board: with rosin, oil, etc. Made of cement, the cement besmear is on board, about a centimeter thick, with a fire of coals roast cement. For cement loose, silver big pressure on rubber sheet. Six, flower: use a special round head, flat head, crescent head, empty heart, small steel and related tools such as pointed on the silver big hit the water flowers, fu lushou mostly all kinds of decorative pattern. This procedure is the most complex silver craft, the highest technical content. Flower-like pattern in workman's heart, asked to, hand to the heart, heart hand one, a beautiful picture was carved on the silver big shape. Seven, welding: according to the shape of silver needs, the relevant parts of welding, decorated with decorative pattern. Dipped in boric acid water during welding and welding, point a kerosene lamp, tube with wind fire heating or welding successfully. Eight, grinding polishing: the shape of the container on the ring of copper into small anvil. Slight tapping with a small hammer. With a steel file deflashing, make silver surface smooth and shiny. Nine, decontamination: put the system good silver dilute sulphuric acid or alum in water to remove dirt and mould. Ten, point blue cui: special pigments, grind the silver surface with a small spoon on the silver, lit kerosene lamps, silverware close to the flame, cylinder with wind fire, melted the silver and the pigment, touching each other together. Through the above main process a fine silver is completed.

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