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'Traditional folk crafts and jewelry crossover project' project started, was appointed as honorary designer jewelry

by:Kirin      2020-03-27
To help innovative development and inheritance of Chinese traditional process, the morning of July 27, sponsored by the institute of guangdong lingnan folk craft, guangzhou Indus gold jewelry assisted & other cultural creative industrial park co. , LTD. The traditional process + jewelry value to discover each other & throughout; Subject project launching ceremony Indus gold jewelry cultural creative industrial park was held in guangzhou. Today's topic is about the heritage of traditional culture and the jewelry design integration development project, this is our a new opportunity. Intangible cultural heritage is the wisdom of the people of all ethnic groups in crystallization, is our culture. Folk craft by traditional crafts, and the unique cultural genes, also is our source of inspiration. Guangdong lingnan folk craft research institute Mr. Lu Sui hills, the executive vice President of guangzhou guangzhou trade promotion jewelry industry service center director ms vc inducer hin jewelry design technology committee chairman Mr Jammy wong guangzhou guangzhou guangzhou guangzhou area jewelry manufacturers association chairman Mr Wu Wei Indus gold jewelry culture creative industrial park, ALina founder chairman Mr Zhou Jianqiang guangzhou jewelry designer was appointed as honorary designer, ms Nina jewelry design works will be in October 2019, China ( Guangdong) Folk craft fair for public display, and participate in the national literary and arts highest award & other; Mountain flower award & throughout; The intern. Guangzhou jewelry industry many designers together a photo of intangible cross-border cooperation is a very good creative approach to innovation, can also have very big development space, can spread the extensive and profound Chinese culture, show the charm of Chinese culture and power. This, we need to stick to together! This, we need to together as the voice of the builders. This, we need to together go to the world! Guangzhou jewelry co. , LTD service for jewelry brands jewelry is a professional design for the jewelry brand dealers, for the processing, production, sales and service in one of the company. Welcome friends from all walks of life to contact and common development. Original jewelry design, jewelry design, jewelry design, jewelry design processing manufacturer for custom jewelry design, for production and processing custom jewelry designer works, jewelry brand design custom processing production
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