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Throughout history, silver

by:Kirin      2020-09-19

date back to 4000 years ago, human understanding of silver have and use. In ancient China, is a symbol of wealth, the silver is more poisonous effect to ward off bad luck. In modern times, the silver is more pay attention to the collocation with fashion. Because of the long history of silver, silver became the fashion to be bestowed favor on newly. In ancient times, southwest Asia civilization in the generation of two rivers and found a silver vessels. Long ago, people knew that mining silver, because the people at that time the silver production is very small, making the value of it is more precious than gold. Egyptian dynasty code also stipulates that silver price for gold 2 times, even until the 17th century, Japan the value of gold, silver or equal. Silver first used for ornaments and utensils, then as a currency. In China, miao silver is acted the role of the world-famous, MiaoXiang said: & other; Golden pheasant beauty in feathers, MiaoNv beauty in silver. ” If you can have the honor to walk into sichuan museum in sichuan national museum of cultural relics, must be of the number of meters high, inside bright flowery miao silver dress. The old society of China's ordinary people, due to the poor life, gold is hard to be in the people, but the pursuit of beauty is one of the same nature, so there is a moist texture and not make public of silver nature as the main material of the ordinary people to make jewelry, so that the silver in China for thousands of years of culture. With the development of economy, the silver on the market have different quality of a material and style. Mid-range to by Thailand tribes originated in the north to the Thai silver and China, in Tibet and Tibetan silver, Thai silver and silver, winning by style, most students are small endowment and white-collar gens. High-end Tibetan silver, but against a traditional silver ingredients, in the form of alloys with Mosaic, becomes in the accessories & other; New & throughout; 。 However, silver is soft, when 100% silver production can't be forming, inconvenience to make silver, and relatively easy & other; Oxidation & throughout; , commonly known as & other; Color & throughout; 。 Now Germany BREUNING silver, from Europe's largest wedding ring factory, with elaborate process and excelsior craft build perfect silver never fade. It lasted for germans rigorous, solid technology skills, more features European romantic, is & other; Put on the finger of Rolls-Royce & throughout; 。 Ancient silver, although did not have the valuable, but it's warm and mysterious, bright and not make public, become indispensable to modern women. The rapid development of silver, also created one of silver from the ancient tradition to the modern fashion, simple, break the traditional, luxuriant turned, like nirvana of the phoenix, attracts the attention of the people.

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