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The woman is the love of beauty also can only to himself

by:Kirin      2020-08-30

small jewelry wholesale network said: women are good-looking, again simple girl also like to wear all kinds of accessories, is probably a chic necklace, perhaps is a delicate ring, maybe is a delicate hand catenary, in short, every girl at least have a choice of small adorn article! That, what kind of jewelry is the most suitable for the public? Is not very expensive, and can show their beauty and personality? 925 sterling silver jewelry is absolutely dear friends choice, it has the characteristics of silver, and can be made into all kinds of beautiful style, noble and elegant, is the most valuable of all the accessories, so how to maintain the silver? First: insist on silver jewelry often clean dry, try not to let the silver jewelry and the touch of sulfur-containing chemical gas, also don't use sulfur soap clean silver jewelry. Should be sealed silver jewelry not boring local. The second: appearance disposal: this is an industrial way, oneself is not easy to choose. Third: exterior coating treatment: it is coated with a layer of bright jewelry appearance of black paint film, make silver and cut off the air outside, the wearer can generally use colorless lit nail polish coating on jewelry, this method is brief, and shall not affect the luster of the silver jewelry. On the basis of the wearer's resolution to besmear fingernail oil or detailed wear bright paint film moment distance. Is different because of the operation environment, quick wear can apply once every week, and usually very few touch or rarely wearing jewelry do housework, can be painted the once every half a month or longer time. In long time check don't need to jewelry, also should carry on the exterior coating treatment.

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