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The understanding of 925 silver

by:Kirin      2020-08-23

925 silver is made of silver ornament international international standard silver. With 9. 999 silver is different, because 9. 999 silver purity is high, very soft and hard to make it complicated accessories, 925 sterling silver jewelry and can do it. Have shown to 925 silver ornaments are not silver content of 100%, that's because in sterling silver with 7. 5% of the alloy, silver sheen, brightness and hardness are improved. 925 sterling silver is made of silver ornament international international standard silver. Mark. Silver ornaments should be generally play English abbreviation (of silver S or Sterling) The mark. Sterling silver stamp is S925. Fine silver stamp is S990. But there are also many countries not dozen mark on the silver jewellery. Platinum ( Platinum, or Pt. Platinum K gold ( 白金) , it is the main component of gold. Due to the nature of silver itself, which makes 100% of the silver is very soft, easy to scratch, and is not suitable for more and more sophisticated technological requirements, as well as the modern fashion jewelry is more and more rich and exaggerated modelling requirements. Plus 100% silver easily become angry and lose luster, as a result, in 1851, Tiffany ( Tiffany) The launch of the first set of silver 92. 5% of silver, 925 silver quickly become main force for silver, and become the international standard for the identification of silver for silver. Due to the joined the 7. 5% of the alloy, silver has a good hardness, brightness and luster, and able to set all kinds of stones, silver jewelry from now on with bright color, unique design, craft exquisite fashion taste, quickly spread around the world.

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