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The silver oxide. What should I do?

by:Kirin      2020-09-18

the summer has come, the silver puts glorious greatly again, time to dress up beautiful girls. After a dormant during the winter months, some are not master devotedly curing silver is acted the role of soft start oxidation, against light of them, I was at sea are you? The silver oxide how can allow them to reproduce the brilliance? In general, divided from the process, can be divided into silver plating and electroless plating silver, surface oxidation of electroplating silver can be treated with alum. Silver ornament to water 10: the proportion of alum 1 with boiled water, remove the silver ornament in cold water with a soft brush with toothpaste or cleaning, laundry or salad then to blow dry, can wipe again with suede and bright as new. Electroless silver ornaments processing should be paid attention to fine necklace or thin silver & other; Fire & throughout; At the same location can't stay too long, a jewel-encrusted silver & other; Fire & throughout; And soak in cold water directly, such as its natural cooling, otherwise the gem shatter easily, fine silver ornament when cleaning available iron brush, the effect is much better, only a thin silver, to iron brush to clear the first. Common when maintenance available mop can wipe cloth or wiping silver powder, silver if silver jewelry has been unable to mop cloth or wipe it polished silver, can use the above method, never use dry silver paste, silver wash water or it's just using chemical potions temporarily let you act the role ofing is tasted shining method, liquid medicine is harmful to human body, and the effect a ratio a bad, the extent of the damage silver just as pare off the apple. These methods is the most natural way to maintain the integrity of the apple, and a silver bright tips, if you want to make the new buy back the silver is more light and avoid the black, but on its surface coated with a thin layer of transparent nail polish, after every ten days to apply again. If you want to remove nail polish, usable banana water immersion, after water wash. In order to better maintain good silver, don't wear other precious metals silver jewellery, so as to avoid collision deformation or abrasion. Avoid contact with water vapor and the silver chemical products, avoid wearing the swimming, especially to the sea. A day after wearing the silver with cotton cloth to wipe clean, it into the box or the bag sealed. Silver oxide black already, can use soft brush with toothpaste scrub, also can use hand rub soap or detergent to clean, can't deal with only with silver wash water scrub clean, after washing a silver with a dry cloth.

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