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The silver can kill bad bacteria in the body?

by:Kirin      2020-08-21

sterling silver jewelry network said a lot of people for silver is not very understanding, also don't understand the silver need to know what are the problems that we need for such a comprehensive understanding of some of the advantages of the silver, the silver ions in silver on the human body has certain health care function, can have the effect of sterilization and recover the wound healing. Valuable jewelry silver jewelry has overcome other high price and man-made craft jewelry the two disadvantages of low value, will be good and inexpensive, elegant style, seiko spy, combination of elegant taste, can really meet the fashion needs of consumers, form a new fashion trend. First: in two thousand years ago human know with silver piece as the medicine of the surgery, the cure with silver boiled water. Second: the gas can make the surface of the silver soon become black, thus show will volcano, a sign of large earthquake was coming. Third: silver tries to use this feature if, can prevent some natural disasters. Fourth: common antibiotics can kill only six different pathogens, while silver antibiotic kills more than 650 species of pathogens. Fifth: volcanic eruption and some before the earthquake, the earth's surface could ooze sulfur gases. Sixth: ancient Chinese forensic early know use & quot; Silver needle autopsy & quot; To determine whether the dead die of poisoning, help to solve a lot of murders.

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