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The role of gold is still irreplaceable

by:Kirin      2020-03-14
Today, gold can be divided into commercial gold and two financial gold. Gold, except for the purpose of financial commodity main purpose is the golden utensils, jewelry industry, the Buddha decoration, construction decoration, electronics and other industries with gold. Gold from long as currency metal under strict control, led to the current commodity use of gold is very small. Was born the new euro currency system in 1999, 15 European countries the central bank's statement, once again confirm the gold is still recognized financial assets, clear gold accounted for 15% of the system of currency reserves. This is the return of the gold monetary and financial function. Gold is still can be accepted by the international after the dollar, euro, sterling and the yen's fifth largest international settlement currency. Gold can be considered as a kind of quasi currency now. Gold became can have freedom and the freedom to buy and sell goods, gold from state coffers to ordinary people, its liquidity increases greatly, gold trading size increases, thus provides the gold market development, development of the real economic environment. Gold of monetization for 20 years is the period to the development of the gold market in the world. Gold dominated by monetary properties of beginning to financial currency and commodity dual attribute its stage of development, commodity gold market development at the same time also prompted financial gold market development rapidly. Gold's important role in monetary function, along with the advancement of the international financial system reform, the international monetary system under the condition of the nonmonetary gold, gold is increasingly from the palace, the temple to the people, by the privilege of dignitaries have become popular. Economist John Maynard Keynes once said of the role of gold, gold has an important role in our system. It as the final guard and reserves of emergency when needed, there is no other things can replace it. Gold is still a kind of special commodity with financial attribute!
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