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The process technology of silver ornament

by:Kirin      2020-03-16
1, wu silver inlaid technique which is a kind of is used only for the silver alloy decoration technology. This technique has been widely used in the Middle East, Russia, Thailand. Wu silver jewelry is made of flower or carve engraves the silver design bottom, then fill in the pattern of pure black copper lead silver alloy, after polishing, revealing the silver pattern, black and white contrast, show elevated atmospheric dignified. 2, melting method, this method is more common in Europe, is only used to made of silver. Method is to use silver uniform rapid thermal physical properties in the fire, blowing the BoYin slice heated to the melting point, to remove heat, silver piece is to produce uniform crease. Made of this material jewelry decoration effect is very strong, full of natural flavor. And this method is used on gold is not completely, because the thermal conductivity of the gold is bad, can't crease effect. Some molten droplets effect of decorations, made also is far better than the gold, silver has lasting appeal very much. 3, carve of the gold and silver processing technology home and abroad, the common ancient techniques. Will hammer out gold and silver, and with a chisel chisel filled afterward. not a relief effect, or chisel rich on ornamental decoration. In general, the larger the area, show the effect of the more rich, although we have common flower ornaments, but mostly small and simple. And made of silver strengths lies in the area of the accessories and volume is larger, so can have more rich decorative pattern and decoration, also have more appreciation value. Processing technology of silver ornaments, silver jewelry use early in human society, the most widely popular, its processing technology also rich variety, has the unique feature.
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