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The popular trend of silver ornament

by:Kirin      2020-03-16
Life often can see a lot of teenage girl wear, many elderly old man will wear, jewelry is said to take a long time, are all have a soul, but also can empathy and master, when he will get sick, a lot of silver jewelry will not so bright, but also will turn black, and silver have anti-inflammatory disinfection effect, is not only adults can use, and most of the time we are buying will make for newborn children wear, represents a blessing to the children. Ag, the purity of silver are commonly used to say, general rarely can reach purity of 100 sterling silver, such products are mainly used in national reserves, in addition to the purity of 100, and Ag990 ( Fine silver) Ag925 ( The silver) Is one of the many use purity of silver jewelry, 925 silver main origin is 1851 tiffany introduced a set of assaying the fineness of the silver ornament, went on to become the standard of the industry, it is also one of appraisal standard of sterling silver. In addition to the above and there's a purity Ag800, the purity of silver in the jewelry knowledge on the domestic market at present is rare, many are mainly used in jewelry clasp, springs, needle and tableware, clip, etc. Because silver has the characteristics of easy to corrosion, wear and oxidation, now in the proportion of the jewelry has been on the decline, but in a lot of ethnic minorities, silver jewelry or occupies a large proportion, such as the miao, bai, and so on. And silver prices are generally not high, mostly in dozens, hundreds of yuan, but a lot of silver has a mysterious tension, in there alone may not be unremarkable, but match in the people, can produce immediately, the other people's temperament, someone with a look at leisure and free from vulgarity, also some people appears to be more bold and unrestrained unruly, visitors bring mystical classic, and afford important is many silver silver bright but not make public, especially suitable for garment of collocation of the color words, spring will not cover up the beauty of the clothes, and can show their own unique charm. Many silver plasticity is very strong, this determines the type of silver is varied, some silver appear unique personality, but also some silver appear elegant gentle and quiet, can become a whole lot of silver, so the popularity of silver is inevitable, the attractions of silver is silver inlaid gems or material such as imitation gemstones, jewelry is not only very beautiful, so formed variety, but also on the collocation of clothing and also bring out the best in each other.
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