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The nine principles of silver ornaments and maintenance

by:Kirin      2020-08-29
Silver ornament maintain the nine principles of one: when wearing silver ornaments, try not to at the same time with other precious metal jewelry, in order to avoid collision deformation or abrasion scratched. 2: keep silver dry, don't wear swimming, don't close to hot springs and sea water. 3: after each wear cotton cloth or tissue available gently wipe the surface, clear water and dirt, and store them in the bag, avoid contact with air. Four: the best maintenance method of silver ornament is worn every day, because the body fat can make its produce natural moist luster. 5: if discover signs of silver ornament change yellow, with jewelry first little brush clean silver ornaments of the gap, and then with cotton cloth or tissue rub silver cloth gently dry surface, which can make silver ornament restored to the original silvery white and bright. Six: stay away from some chemicals, such as strong acidic and alkaline substances, try not to let the silver touch the perfume. Seven: often use silver cloth decorations ( Note: when the silver surface of water droplets do not use silver cloth oh, don't forget, rub silver cloth with water, there is no effect) 。 8: take a shower or sleep the best decorations, don't touch the containing alkaline substances ( Such as soap, shower gel, etc. ) 。 9: if not for a long time of wearing jewelry it's best to put it in a sealed plastic bag or box. In this recommendation: rub silver cloth containing silver maintenance ingredients, absolutely not washed. If after wear at ordinary times not to deal with silver and collection, will most likely make silver black. Remember of daily maintenance, after several black is hard to wipe the silver white.
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