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The inside of the silver ornament earrings come from?

by:Kirin      2020-09-25

now join silver silver brand, involve earrings, earrings essentials has become a love beautiful women of all ages, even now also become many men pursue personality fashion essentials, but earrings are come from? Earrings in China should be very long, the history of the earliest only pendants and earrings, earrings are developed to later. Gold and silver, silver style and material is the earliest has set jade stones and other objects. Now wear earrings is in order to more beautiful, but the inventor of the original intention is not so romantic. Earrings this was invented by the ancient an old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, his daughter was born with eye diseases, can't see things far away, Use modern words, nearsightedness, but there was no word) 。 There are a lot of acupuncture points on ears and eyes, especially the center of the earlobes. The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture for his daughter every day, to her eyes. But sometimes I need to go out to practice medicine, can't often at home. The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is very smart, want to have an idea. Is at his daughter earlobe acupuncture points through a hole, with silver, falling on the jade and other small pendant, make its can shake when walking, have the effect of acupuncture point massage. This ingenious method by other woman to see, feel very beautiful, and to follow suit. To later became the earrings now, and originally but many people forget. So, necklace myopia with earrings will actually bring other benefits: oh, may be more clear some eardrop, earrings role should be small, I think so. Otherwise why ancient is earrings eardrop but didn't find more stud earrings? Probably because earrings walk also cannot have the effect of shaking massage acupuncture points.

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