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The health benefits of silver

by:Kirin      2020-08-21

925 sterling silver jewelry: refers to the silver 92. 5% of silver, is recognized as sterling silver standard on international standards. The health benefits of silver: silver have antiseptic effect, with silver tableware food is not easy to fermented sour; Silver compounds include apply the wound to heal burns; Silver chopsticks can be detected in food sulfur agent.

usually show natural and silver ore block and grain size of block, but may also be a blunt dendritic collection. Newly unearthed or newly polished silver special bright, shining silver metallic luster; But exposure in the air, and soon will produce a black oxide layer, make its surface loses luster. In addition to this, is out of hardness is not high, pure quality, and the form of jewelry, and often with other metals alloying, or on the surface covered with gold. From the ancient Greek times have been used by people for the silver and the gold and silver alloy, including 20 - only 25% of silver. Sterling silver 92. 5%, or a higher proportion of silver ( Usually some copper) 。 These two kinds of alloys were used as the definition of silver content standards.

most of the silver is a byproduct of mining lead, it is often associated with copper. The world's leading producer of silver mining in South America, the United States, Australia, and the former Soviet union. The biggest yield silver countries belong to Mexico, since 1500 has been about mining. Occurrence of winding metal filaments fort constant natural silver were produced in Norway.

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