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The future of silver ornament industry analysis

by:Kirin      2020-09-01

silver ornament is the use of silver is processed into a variety of accessories, in recent years, the traditional silver ornaments, and is loved by numerous consumer especially female consumers of some ethnic minorities in our country, such as the miao silversmith industry is very developed. But compared with foreign brands, silver ornaments in China and brand awareness is not high enough. Compared with the gold, platinum, such as jewelry, jewelry, silver with low cost, low prices, is mass consumption can act the role of article, especially the young consumer groups, silver ornaments satisfy the needs of their fashion, and closer to their purchasing power. Silver relative to other act the role ofing is tasted, more secure, because alloy more or less will cause certain harm to human body, especially in direct contact with the skin, like the earrings necklace jewelry. Plain is the characteristic of silver ornament, neither costly nor tacky, suitable for people to wear. In the consumption area of silver, big cities faster than small urban consumption, consumption faster than the north, south city is faster than rural consumption. Silver ornament, as a kind of jewelry consumer goods, under the influence of subjective factors is bigger, this makes the jewelry is often not consistent between sales and the economy. Silver ornaments consumption in China began from low-end to high-end high grade silver ornaments, consumer tastes more fashion, so the silver style is becoming more and more internationalized, some characteristics of silver ornaments, tried to battle the market by low price advantage of low-end ornaments increasingly uncompetitive, it poses challenges to the silver is acted the role of domestic enterprises, makes the enterprises pay more and more attention to the development of high-end products, increased the degree of attention to the product differentiation, silver ornament industry future development prospect.

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