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by:Kirin      2020-03-15
The five kinds of silver jewelry design style, classical style of the jewelry in almost all of the silver ornaments shops and boutiques to provide the original or a copy of the design of the model. Different materials that can be used to make; Usually precious metals and jewellery, there are exceptions, such as swarovski Murano glass or crystal. These decorations are easily foil in any personal style, can be used in formal and informal occasions. Second, & rsquo; National style that is in the past few years, one of the most popular style. This style of designers to create works of art, and different traditional works without conflict. This is Africa, Japan and India become fashion elements. Producers try to use and they depict, of course, the cultural tradition of the corresponding materials: glass beads, wood, bone, coconut shell, pearls, plant seeds, etc. The jewelry is fit for casual clothing. 3 this kind of style, natural and ecological style aroused increasing interest, because the concept of human and the nature harmonious coexistence is also growing. All of the ecological type of jewelry is made from 100% natural materials, such as wood, leather, shells, rocks, jewelry and so on. Integration of different size accessories, & other; Natural & throughout; Always attract a lot of attention and positive energy. Four, artistic style in this type of jewelry tend to be traditional, sometimes it is very charming. These accessories are attached great importance to, because the original artistic thought and participate in their creation of exquisite workmanship. Seemingly irreconcilable material combination is to create these unique beautiful specimen jewelry art key. This kind of product is not suitable for daily or casual wear, but most of the fashion comments or pictures. Five, the odd style this is a special kind of contemporary silver ornaments, blend is unusual material, determined by the new technology and brave designers. Their products are the perfect combination of materials, fresh, attractive color and unique design method. They are more expensive silver ornaments on the market, but the real connoisseur knows the most important determinants of price. Remember that these categories are vague, there are many different subtypes.
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