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The difference between Tibetan silver, MiaoYin and 925 silver

by:Kirin      2020-03-18
Tibetan silver, 925 silver MiaoYin and there are much difference between silver ornaments, so Thai silver, silver, 925 silver, silver, what is the difference between MiaoYin, fine silver? Thai silver first originated in Thailand, so are called silver Thailand, is also called & other Niello & throughout; , is a mixture of silver and sulfur on the silver jewelry to melt, and glassy state to form the coating. Silver coating loose black, bright and clean and silver silvery white contrast, can produce special visual effect. Because after the special old processing, silver jewelry is not only a long-term discoloration, also greatly enhance the surface hardness. Unique texture and colour and lustre, make this jewelry is straightforward and simple. Tibetan silver, according to the definition of history is an alloy containing silver about 30 above, but in Tibetan silver in the market now, almost no silver, only the arts and crafts of copper-nickel alloy. Tibetan silver is a Tibetan areas in our country and the neighboring country Nepal produced a less silver alloy, its main ingredients are nickel, copper, etc. Tibetan jewelry also has a lot of is made of pure silver, sterling silver jewelry work looks more delicate than Tibetan silver ornament, brightness is better than Tibetan silver. And Tibetan silver is a little dark color gives jewelry instead of old feeling, to form a the appearance of the original style, primitive simplicity, bold in do not break delicate, plain in nobleness. Tibetan silver ornaments when the choose and buy, should from the color, appearance, inlays, work carefully screened from the multiple angles. True Tibetan silver, because the craft that make, cleansing, with the hand on the hand will turn black, it is a kind of carbon black, black, not of metal. In addition, Tibetan silver imitations are generally used such as lead, tin alloy, the surface of plating color, the color looks pale, no metal luster and metal texture, and the true Tibetan silver gloss is not very high, but have qualitative feeling very much, have the effect of silver. Seen after the color, but also look at the appearance of the jewelry and workmanship, pure Tibetan silver ornaments pattern is clear, the decorative pattern of the above are made by craftsmen carved by hand, and the decorative pattern of imitation is very fuzzy, on the other hand, can have a look at when choosing accessories no pattern on the back, the imitation on the back of the machine pressing traces obviously mostly, seems a a; And the true Tibetan jewelry surface is very smooth, after polishing by hand. Tibetan act the role of the inlay process is a very good, Tibetan silver ornaments on the ornament such as often set with red coral, and agate, and counterfeit Tibetan silver ornaments for cost reasons, most with plastic instead. Plastic inlay looks very beautiful, bright color, the real Tibetan jewelry inlaid turquoise and red coral is of primitive simplicity is straightforward, which is the feature of Tibetan act the role ofing is tasted, never made a mistake. 925 silver, and the English logo for the 925 s, says 92 silver content. 5% copper. 7. 5% of silver jewelry. The silver color has a certain hardness and toughness to a certain extent, this kind of material is more suitable to make ring, brooch, hairpin, necklace and other jewelry, but also convenient for inlaid gems. Usually the 925 silver plated platinum (now White rhodium) To prevent the silver in the case of oxide or sulfide into yellow black. No 925 silver plated platinum, known as the 'silver'. MiaoYin, can be simply interpreted as first miao silver ornament of artisans. Actually MiaoYin products, now we've seen most of these are no longer we previously considered miao silver ornament. Many people first contact MiaoYin, often ask a question & ndash; — Miao silver ornaments of silver content is how much? In fact, we are now on the market have seen miao silver ornaments are almost no silver composition, generally divided into two categories: one is brass 'MiaoYin, mainly distributed in yunnan province, such as the Dali of yunnan heqing county of xinhua silver ornaments. Heqing silver ornament composition is given priority to with brass, part of the sterling silver jewelry is through other channels into the local market; Another kind of predominantly white brass 'seedling', are mainly distributed in guizhou province, such as guizhou kaili swallowed the miao silversmith near the village. Silversmith village of miao silver ornament composition is given priority to with white brass, by electroplating, wax, coloring process, form characteristic of guizhou miao silver ornaments.
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