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The difference between methods of all kinds of silver ornament

by:Kirin      2020-09-20

will differentiate from the category, silver can be divided into 925 sterling silver, Thai silver, silver, silver, etc. , in yunnan but when consumer is buying tend to differentiate these silver does not open, so how to distinguish the category of silver?

925 silver is an alloy of seventy-five over one thousand nine hundred and twenty-five over one thousand silver and sterling silver, now often is an internationally recognized standard of sterling silver, 925 silver plated platinum ( White rhodium) , in order to prevent the silver oxide or sulfide become yellow to become black case, no 925 silver plated platinum, called & quot; Plain silver & quot; 。 925 sterling silver is a silver content in 92. 5 silver product. 925 represents the purity of silver. This is the highest purity of silver, as well as the purity of 999 gold. Because of fine silver is too soft and easy to oxidation, so since tiffany company started 925 silver, 925 sterling silver jewelry is internationally recognized for sterling silver. Thai silver are generally fine silver, namely nine hundred and ninety-nine over one thousand silver content, Thai silver ornament of exquisite, beautiful, generous, fashion, more like a work of art that Thai silver ornament with plain style, inferior smooth, old old old popular with fashionable gens. Thai silver, and the concept is 925 sterling silver, is just a special call a special process. Some Thai craft to 925 silver sulfide into ancient also known as Thai silver silver effect. The ancient silver effect is really beautiful. Thai silver in fact now is take the international route, Smart Thai) , often with advanced international designer designs to it, so the fashion trendy, diversity, and easy, do not break detail again. Quality of a material is 925. Thai silver inlaid stone with silver of Tibet and Nepal, it match the sharply with glittering and translucent stone, garnet, red, black, general is given priority to with crystal, must be a beautiful light in the sun. Used for collocation suits, evening dress, also won't lose in general, the design of Thai silver is seen in the silver about most. Tibetan silver generally do not contain ingredients, cupronickel ( Copper nickel alloy) Bills of traditional Tibetan silver is thirty percent silver and seventy percent copper, because silver content is too low, so now in the market has not been to see, cupronickel replacement in full. Tibetan silver is made of small jewelry to match with the stone, commonly see more is turquoise, coral rock, red and green. Yunnan are generally fine silver, silver, there are a lot of silver, the popularity of minorities, such as the miao nationality clothing ( Miao dress, always has a silver embedded in the above, a thin layer of silver inlaid the more about on behalf of the family from the more affluent! ) Silver, if go to yunnan tourism, back to some of the earth as a gift is the best. Big bracelet, they used to forge Eric will according to your request, carved words, decorative pattern, handmade protecting mechanism of delicate, but also do not have amorous feelings. Sometimes it is a list of silver chain, sometimes send children bracelet foot ring, sometimes is a blessing of carved by the local words ring, look at the streets minority girl walked past, silver is acted the role of ding-ding issued a pleasing of voice. In addition, when the choose and buy silver, still should care much about the colour of it, general 999 thousand fine silver silver, 925 silver, another is 990.

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