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The design of how to decide the length of the ring finger?

by:Kirin      2020-08-30

choose how to choose the silver? According to the design of how to make the length of the ring finger more accord with yourself? Believe that the issue for a lot of people want to learn about the secret, so how to better understand clearly about some relationship with the ring finger? - Professional wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry ornament net told us some questions about some of the silver, also better let we know some questions about mustard: first: short type ring style tips: in a straight line design the defects of sterling silver ring to modify the shape of the hand. Short refers to the type should choose linear shape, olive shape, pear-shaped sterling silver ring, avoid round, square and rectangular gem lovers sterling silver ring. The design of the sterling silver ring is best is a straight line or diagonal lines, because it makes a short look more slender fingers. The second: the design of medium type refers to the pure silver ring secret: according to the personal style to shape the shape of the hand of the beautiful. As your fingers belong to medium, then you can according to the interests and personal style to wear any form of sterling silver ring. Third: the design of long type refers to the pure silver ring tip: add hand to elc style silver ring type v charm. A slender finger, should be wearing a horizontal line sterling silver ring, article style such as high, rich, multilayer, round and square stone Mosaic of sterling silver ring would look good. Avoid pear-shaped, lam pointed and rectilinear sterling silver ring, because they can make you look more thin fingers, try the same finger more than fine sterling silver ring, horizontal stripe and slender fingers suitable lining, can increase the charm of hand. This article was born from the wholesale sterling silver ring.

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