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The definition of 925 silver

by:Kirin      2020-09-21

925 refers to the silver content in silver 92. 5% of the silver products. 925 represents the purity of silver. This is silver minimum purity, just like the purity of 999 gold. Because of fine silver is too soft and easy to oxidation, so since tiffany company started 925 silver, 925 silver is internationally recognized as the minimum standard for silver. Silver because joined the 7. 5% of the alloy, silver has the ideal hardness, brightness and luster, and oxidation resistance. And able to set all kinds of stones, silver jewelry from now on with bright color, unique design, exquisite technology price mid-range fashion taste, quickly spread around the world. Silver 925 sterling silver jewelry white rhodium plating ( Industry said that platinum) , to the greatest possible delay in silver oxide or sulfide characteristics of the yellow and black. Industry on call have no outside of 925 sterling silver jewelry plated platinum, silver, silver in the air is relatively easy to oxidation. On the market to sell 925 sterling silver jewelry have a high proportion of products in order to reduce costs, are silver. Thai silver Thailand specialty, the standard is 925 silver content. Extended traditional silver restoring ancient ways bluing process, made by hand, make silver is acted the role of high hardness, not easy deformation, inlaid natural gemstones, semi-precious stones and animal teeth, horns, claw, or any such items, to make things different region culture characteristic, prices are generally higher than silver ornament machine assembly line processing, but I still got a lot of the pursuit of personality, chic consumers. Many sell headdress flower clip a small jewelry store, a zhejiang province and other regions, sales are a generic do old a composite metal, also known as Thai silver or silver, is just one type of lead, tin plating metal color synthesis, is not real Tibetan silver or silver. In the industry, Thai silver is made in Thailand, 92 silver content. More than 5% of the silver ornament, can be called silver. MiaoYin miao is a people likes to take silver, silver is the favorite of the miao traditional decorations, it is mainly used for the decoration of women. Silver types diverse, from head to toe, nowhere not act the role ofing, including headwear, neck, shoulder, bosom, waist decoration, arm, foot ornaments, etc. , with each other, embody the perfect decorative effect as a whole. In miao, if who gave birth to a daughter, from her birth, parents will start to prepare a dowry to the girl, and the dowry is silver. According to historical records, miao silver began development in the province area since the Ming dynasty, has a miao unique cultural categories. People come to province, can buy a few pieces of miao silver as a gift to your close friends. General to join other alloy (MiaoYin Such as copper) And 99 silver jewelry, project general MiaoYin silver content within 15%, the market sold by MiaoYin silver content is more and more low, the cost of a few pieces of MiaoYin bracelet, will be sold to the lowest price of 50. Tibetan silver is generally not silver composition, it is white brass ( Copper nickel alloy) Bills of traditional Tibetan silver is 30% silver and 70% copper, but even if this is the traditional process of Tibetan silver, the market also has not arrived, mostly in cupronickel completely replace. Convincing fake silver: made of other metals only outside a layer of silver plated to cheat customers. In jewelry appraisal department, because the inspection is only part of the surface, but because of the silver plated with a thin layer of silver 999 or 925 999 fine silver and very easy to be identified as 925 silver or silver. Suggest the silver, the most reasonable methods among the silver from cut a section, to detect the most inner part of the middle.

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