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The custom of wearing a ring

by:Kirin      2020-09-22

the practice of a kind of affection, in general, after 100 days on dating sweetheart, will be a gift to the person I love, give priority to with ring more commonly, if the other party to accept, is willing to accept each other, also agreed to open the relationship, when wear this ring at the same time, pay attention to the other party put a ring on the finger, he/she can also learn to how you feel.

if put a ring on his index finger, is likely to each other at heart simply can't afford to think you deserve him, can only be a transition period, or can only accept sent, because the index finger is usually used to use when letting other people to do things. If the wedding ring on the middle finger, on behalf of the engagement, also on behalf of the other party is real for you to accept, also can reflect each other looking forward to our relationship can be further development if the wedding ring on the ring finger, which means your relationship is very deep, ring itself is not the special purpose, but the biggest use is to wear a wedding ring, so if the other party send your wedding ring on the ring finger, it means your wedding date has close. If the rings on the tail to refer, most likely you insecure at an early age, and have a very strong electra complex, if you can considerate care for her, must be able to get her heart.
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