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The collocation of clothes and silver can appear more upscale?

by:Kirin      2020-08-28

popular jewelry wholesale manufacturers said: how clothes and silver combination can be more upscale? For silver how to better and more comprehensive understanding to its upscale? Understand their own style, understand their own style, understand the characteristics of the silver, understand the classification of silver, and so on female compatriots, as long as they really understand the silver and the types of clothing can make silver play application taste, so here give you detailed introduce some tips about silver collocation: first: style. Business attire with contracted style, cabinet modelling is silver. Casual wear, suit to wear a bit exaggerated style. Card of Eva is dressed up, and now popular supplement on lovely style silver ornament, that is the most appropriate. The second: wear jewelry with your face. Shape of the face people try not to wear long earrings. Round face round exaggerated earrings are not suitable for wearing. Every face if deserve to go up again the triangle earrings, it's a two word & lsquo; Disaster & rsquo; 。 Third: to match their own temperament. Charming is spruce lovely little girl, when choosing accessories, generally choose design a little bit small, adorn article style is lovely. Fashionable avant-courier of ladies, can choose exaggerated silver ornament or inlaid diamonds, crystal, zircon, looks very flash of silver. A lady with a necklace, make their neck and collarbone, more temptation and charming. Ladies wear silver inlaid gems on and within the agate jewelry, it is the gas of the display their wealth and elegance.

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