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Ten silver particularly effective maintenance knowledge

by:Kirin      2020-09-04

sterling silver jewelry is very beautiful, it is also very beautiful, especially if wearing can give us a good experience, also can let our full understanding of all kinds of methods of silver, so for the maintenance of the silver silver maintenance knowledge of how to really know? For this kind of situation from a different perspective, we need also need starting from a different problem, only in this way can better and more comprehensive understanding of some questions about silver maintenance, so he run silver city here give you about 10 kinds of special silver maintenance knowledge effectively, let you know the full silver: first: there is a kind of rub silver cloth on the market, can easily be polished the silver, but is limited to a certain hardness and smooth silver. Second: some medicines can produce chemical reaction, to silver to act the role ofing is tasted bad, should be careful about when contact with drugs. Third: without oxidation processing of silver jewelry, easily oxidized hair black, lose luster. You can to the jewelry store cleaning and polishing. Fourth: silver hair gel, perfume, skin care products and to avoid together on, because that would lead to shine. Fifth: sports, do manual work, should avoid to wear jewelry, otherwise easy to cause accessories lost collision deformation or fracture. Sixth: when bathing, laundry, should remove the silver, in case accessories meet alkali products. Seven: prevent and sulfur and its compounds such as discoloration caused by long-term contact metamorphism. Eighth: if there is a hollow out of carve patterns or designs on woodwork is soft necklace or jewelry, had better use silver cleaning fluid soak. 9: if oxidation is not serious, you can also make the toothpaste the rubbing surface of jewelry. More than 10: should avoid the ornaments together, because of its hardness is different, after use should be divided to deposit, in order to prevent affecting friction scratches texture.

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