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Teach you how to make the diamond ring size bigger

by:Kirin      2020-03-22
Diamond ring represents the pledge of eternal love, love in the hearts of people, is one of the greatest is sacred, is can't be profane, the meaning of diamond ring significant all too clear. Since the proposal or is married, in the diamond ring is put on the moment, the diamond ring is almost inseparable is put on the hand, so the size of the diamond ring size is very important, wear the items on the every day, must be very suitable. But if for some reason the diamond ring on the small, the size of the diamond ring can be larger? Let below small make up to teach you how to make the diamond ring size large. The first: what kind of diamond ring can change the size? A diamond ring if you want to change the size, is to consider many factors. Generally look from the weight, the total weight of the diamond ring is mainly the main drill, in 1. More than 8 g, proving that diamond ring or have a certain weight, the up is relatively has certain thickness, size can be changed in principle. Moreover is watching drill the soundness of the Lord, like a classic six claw diamond rings, six claws can firmly fixed main drill, high stability, when change the size of it up, easy to cause the main drill kuang phenomenon, can very good protection the main drill. And is it up material, if the metal material, usually in size can be changed. On the other hand, the diamond weight is lighter, show up is not very thick, not the strength of the bear is change size, easy to cause the damage of diamond ring. The second: how to make the diamond ring size bigger in the streets now ordinary processing jewelry shop, due to its process and technical reasons, plus the master craftsmanship levels and the limitation of professional processing equipment, generally change the diamond size, choose are cutting welding method. In make the diamond ring size ambassador and will generally choose cut a diamond ring to the bottom of the first, reusing the ductility of the metal, under high temperature melting, use special tools break, in the cooling, and then welded together. This is the most traditional machining method, other methods generally requires specialized processing equipment. Third: in the diamond ring size grows what should be paid attention to in making diamond ring size gets bigger, it is very important to choose jewelry processing shop. Must choose fame or reputation good old shops, also look at processing master skill level, general of the Lao shifu processing production level is relatively higher. If not carefully, tens of thousands of yuan of diamond ring, if be secondary processing is not good, will be left in cutting welding place obvious traces of wear on the hand would be very ugly, yes, it reduces the grade of diamond ring, even looks like cheap.
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