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Teach you how to identify 925 silver

by:Kirin      2020-08-17

there are a lot like with silver ornaments friends will say why I am wearing silver will change color, gloss is not enough light and took a couple of days, so 925 sterling silver jewelry wholesale and teach you how to identify:

a, color differentiation method: to observe with the eye, looks white, luster, fine workmanship, and in the number printed on the jewelry store, for assaying the high silver jewelry; Colour and lustre is poor, matte more false silver jewelry.

2, bending method: with handle gently fold the silver jewelry, easy bending is not easy to break the color-forming high; Stiff, barely moving looks very low; By bending or with a hammer to knock a few times will be split to wrap large jewelry; Can't afford to light, and easy break to fake.

3, nitrate identification method: nitric acid with a glass rod drop in silver jewelry file mouth, brown colour, high micro green colour; Dark green, black colour is low.

casting method: throw silver jewelry from the top down on the counter, bounce is not high, smooth voice for assaying the high silver jewelry; Behind the counter jump higher, voice sharp bright, false or colour low silver jewellery.

there is common to see if it 925 sterling silver mark.

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