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Taught you how to choose high quality diamond in 925 silver

by:Kirin      2020-09-26

diamonds are the hardest substance in the natural substances, can score any other gem diamonds, but any other precious stones are indented diamonds. Can also using standard hardness tester, hardness is less than 9 degrees, is a fake diamond. Diamond has lipophilicity, such as to pen to draw a line in the surface of diamond, then into a continuous line, and other precious stones are intermittent disconnection between. The above method in identifying the diamond has certain reference value. Can be controlled by 10 times the magnifying glass observation, under the 10 times the magnifying glass, most of the diamonds visible chardonnay, with the growth of the triangle, the surface of the diamond are red, orange, blue wait for color of the light, radiant. The most accurate and reliable method is to use thermal conductivity instrument, measure the data of thermal conductivity to distinguish true and false diamonds, but thermal conductivity meter price is quite expensive. As the diamond is luxurious and noble first act the role ofing is tasted, currently on the market with cheap gems, synthetic gems, and even the glass to replace or arrogate diamond, common for a variety of fake diamond has the following kinds: Soviet drill: namely cubic zirconia, originally developed by the Soviet union. Soviet drill are synthetic compounds, but in terms of the dispersion and refractive index with natural diamond is very close, also has the attractive appearance of light sparkle. But its hardness is low ( 8. 5) , but with diamond cross engraved to distinguish each other. And thermal conductivity is far lower than the diamond, can thermal conductivity meter identification, accurate to distinguish it. Zircon: with diamond, diamond is the best substitute. Identification method is, zircon with partial optical rotation and large birefringence, with 10 times the magnifying glass observation processed zircon edge surface, from the top to look down, it can be seen at the bottom of the ridge has obvious double, and diamond absolutely unique phenomenon. Glass, glass refractive index is low, there is no diamond the flashing lights, especially submerged in the water, glass products luster, immediately trail. Crystal: the crystal is natural mineral transparent crystal, after processing the diamond, but the lack of diamond color light.

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