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Summer often clean the silver?

by:Kirin      2020-09-12

summer silver need often clean? Silver wholesale silver manufacturers, factory is a professional for all kinds of silver they have professional solution, there is also a professional cleaning method, so we tell you a few questions about cleaning the silver, let us better understand the problem: the silver jewelry when, should use less silver or nickel plating chromium alloy jewelry. Allergic constitution, especially the scar constitution or children, do not wear metal accessories. Summer perspires much, should be less wearing jewelry. Ring should not wear too tight, also don't use yarn winding ring. Try to avoid all day wear jewelry, form the habit of night remove jewelry. Evening don't wear jewelry, it is make the skin a rest, 2 it is can make the source of the harm to human body reduced by half. Some people sleep lazy to get off earring accessories, after the hard to avoid can plunge into ear skin; Also sleep some people like to wear a watch, which on the one hand, is not conducive to arm the blood circulation; On the other hand, if the watch is luminous, fluorescent radioactive, will cause harm to the body. Wearing a ring part is not easy to clean, but also become the breeding of bacteria. British public health center laboratory microbiologist hofmann, gold ring for a long time for five months of bacteriology 50 ms investigation, found that the number of bacteria they are wearing a ring parts 9 times higher than not wearing a ring parts. In addition, the ring too tight, affect finger blood circulation, also can cause fingers deformities. A lot of people wear jewelry is not clean, all the year round in jewelry become the carrier of shelter evil people and practices. According to the survey, the number of bacteria in wearing a ring part is not wearing a ring part 9 times higher. Jewelry at the same time may also contain radioactive elements, cause radioactive pollution. Such as gold jewelry not only can cause skin irritation, may cause radioactive damage skin. This is because some radioactive elements such as cobalt, radium and polonium and gold in a mine, in the process of mining, smelting, small amounts of radioactive elements will remain in the jewelry, cause radioactive pollution.

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