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【 Sterling silver jewelry processing plant encyclopedia 】 Overview of jewelry jewelry designer to design process

by:Kirin      2020-03-27
Jewelry as essentials for everyday wear, in addition to the feeling of the material gives a person shine at the moment, can cause consumers to exclaim lies in jewelry design aesthetic feeling, as 25 years specialized in sterling silver jewelry processing factory, today is to talk about jewelry design process. 1, the concept and design: according to their own idea hand-painted sketch out the jewelry designer, and then use the computer graphics software in the sketch accurate sizes, to complete the original design drawings. Have their own professional jewelry designer, can rapid convergence customers, 2, craftsmen carving wax: jewelry artisans with reference to the design drawings by hand carved out of the stencil, reuse of lost wax casting method poured out silver version, while stencil batch production need silver version of the rubber mold. This is the most demanding jewelry manufacture craft process, made the silver version must be smooth and flawless, reasonable structure, each part of gems that accurate position size. These two steps is the most demanding process, sterling silver jewelry processing factory is a jewelry processing factory strength. Looking for sterling silver jewelry processing factory, that must see in guangzhou, is a focus on 25 years silver of sterling silver jewelry processing factory, welcome your consultation, the company will serve you wholeheartedly. !
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