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Sterling silver jewelry is wear a law in everyday life

by:Kirin      2020-03-19
Sterling silver jewelry in everyday life will always be black, brings you a different degree, so how can we truly understand clearly about the sterling silver jewelry in daily life wear law correctly? How to better and more comprehensive understanding clearly about the sterling silver jewelry in daily life wearing right rule, now crystal parkway tells: first: when bathing, swimming, make sure the silver took off, so as to avoid the chemical material such as access to 9. The second: every time after wearing, can use a cotton cloth or face gently dry surface, clear water and dirt, and then placed in sealed bags, avoid contact with air. Third: pure silver ornaments should be avoided in hot springs or sea area such as wear, because silver contact with warm water or sulfide easy to make the surface changes. Fourth: in the process of wear, please try to avoid contact with any other chemical things, lest and silver to produce chemical reaction. Fifth: at the time of makeup, please try to avoid contact with the makeup or perfume. Sterling silver jewelry in our daily life is always there are so many different problems, only we know it's a wear law can better, more comprehensive the pure silver jewelry, can let us better understand the sterling silver jewelry, sterling silver jewelry is not so easy to get dark.
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