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Sterling silver jewelry has three big strange effect

by:Kirin      2020-03-19
We all know that it has value, silver. But it also has what we don't know. According to 'compendium of materia medica' records, silver has & other; Ann five zang-organs, calm mind, fright heart, improving eyesight, strong bones, town & throughout; The efficacy. The other, it is said that the silver also has weak in addition to the role of pathogens. As a result, many local folk, the custom of wearing a silver circulated to children. Folk called sterling silver jewelry has three strange effect, can discharge to children & other; Congenital disease & throughout; , also can have the effect of arresting convulsion tranquilize mind, to ward off bad luck. First, sterling silver jewelry is the best & other; Throughout & measuring poison; The metal. It is said that the body every day & other; Toxins & throughout; Out of the body, and a metal silver that can absorb these & other; Toxins & throughout; 。 Because, sterling silver luster hold, oxidation for a long time will vary with people's physique and, that is, a man who has a good constitution wearing silver ornaments will wear more and more light; And physique weaker people wear sterling silver jewelry, if the body toxins more words, slowly will lead to the silver black. Always wear sterling silver jewelry, can help to effectively eliminate the toxin inside body, and can play the role of timely test if there are too many toxins in the body. This is some people deliberately looking for sterling silver jewelry worn under one of the reasons. Second, the pure silver products, can be generated within a range of magnetic field, according to the environmental release silver ions. This kind of silver ions can be excitation energy, therefore, wearing a silver or have health benefits to the human body. Only surface is plating silver jewelry, and the purity of silver content in the lack of accessories, is almost no such effect, on the contrary, if wearing a man's constitution is poorer, because the chemical reaction can lead to poisoning too much harmful elements, allergic phenomenon. Third, for purity is 999 silver, have very strong sterilization function, so the silver also has & other; Permanent fungicide & throughout; The reputation. It is said, in Inner Mongolia grassland herdsmen, use silver bowl to cheng fang horse milk, place a few days also won't go sour. Similarly, made of silver bowl of water, can guarantee the water quality is constant. The other said scientists have done experiments, the sewage ( The e. coli has more than 7000 per milliliter) After three hours of silver electrode processing, e. coli. Such as skin ulcers can also be used silver ion solution with canker sore, can make the most of the bacteria died. Also, it is said that there are a number of international airlines in the use of silver water filter. Some swimming also use silver to purify the water in the pool, after silver after purification of water, not to stimulate the swimmer's skin.
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