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Sterling silver jewelry color-forming identification

by:Kirin      2020-09-11
Silver is second only to the precious metals of gold, but gold and relatively cheaper, sterling silver jewelry color-forming identification is also relatively simple, the main methods are: bian color: high colour of silver and a white light is exquisite, low colour is slightly yellow or silver grey and not smooth. In general, silver copper alloy jewelry color slants yellow, the colour, the lower the color yellow; Gray is the color of the copper alloy, the lower the colour grey even is a film, such as 800 silver are pale, 700 silver gray, 500 silver is dark grey. Try resilience: silver toughness good, looks the most easy to bending is not easy to break. Assaying the person is not easy to bend but easily broken. Sentenced to hardness: low hardness than gold and silver, with her nails can score, if accessories soft and not tough, may be tin or lead, who stiff and toughness could be cupronickel. See the stamp: normal manufacturer production of silver jewelry is generally have a stamp, international practice QianFenShu plus & other; S” Or & other 银” Or & other Silver & throughout; The words said silver ornaments and its identity. Such as & other; 800S” Or & other 800 silver & throughout; Said the colour is eighty percent silver ornament. While with silver ornaments with & other; SF( The SilverPill) ” Said. Correctly identify the stamp can identify whether ornaments of silver and silver colour. Phonology: listen to the sterling silver jewelry rolls ground audio, lifeless, there will be a & other; Lindsey dalai lindsey da & throughout; The voice. Colour is lower, the lower the sound, and sound will tip more and more high and with rhyme; For copper, its voice higher and pointed, the shortness of rhymes and short; If the lead. Tin texture, in the dull sound. Short, and lifeless. Ok weight: the density of silver metal slightly larger than usual, generally speaking: & other; Both light. The silver is heavy. No light and no heavy copper. ” Thus DianDian weight can make a preliminary judgment about whether its for silver. If the ornaments have a larger volume and weight is light, can be a preliminary judgment the adorn article belong to other metals.
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